Hello and welcome! My name is Ian and I am from Vancouver, Canada. My focus is mainly on writing, but I enjoy other things too, such as drawing, photography, and more.

What is this website?

This website serves as a place where my various work can live, as a portfolio of sorts. Many of my ideas exist as an amalgamation of various interests of mine. For example, I often enjoy combining aspects of my writing with visual design, creating a multidisciplinary piece. I hope to showcase these former and future projects on this website.

Why ‘More Than Fantasy’?

When thinking about expressing ideas, I like to think that we should allow our thoughts to exist outside of just our mind. Utilizing our creative ideas to create something tangible or shareable, I feel, is very important. Additionally, I think that there is a lot to explore in the real world outside of what we already know/interpret about the world around us. Thus, both the creative ideas we hold within and the interesting aspects of the world we live in are ‘more than fantasy’. I wish to be able to express that through my work.