When it comes to my art experience, I wish I could write a whole backstory full of trials and tribulations. It would be nice to delve into a tale of art-related struggles that have lead up to this point, but that is not the case. My journey with art is not the most long or interesting, but it is one worth sharing.

I had always enjoyed the idea of art. I liked things that look nice, and could definitely appreciate some good art if it was put in front of me. In terms of creating art, drawing was always fun to me. I would doodle all over my schoolwork and notes, and I enjoyed the art subject during school. I was never glaringly bad at art, so I never felt the need to work towards improvement as my skills were sufficient for what little drawing I did. If I ever wanted to draw something, such as the funny little drawing below for only some friends to see, it would be simple and specific enough that my skillset would be good enough to carry out the task. That was pretty much the extent of my art experience up until 2019.

Original image by me

It was October 2019 when the idea of doing art very slowly began to burn into my mind. Inktober is a yearly drawing challenge that takes place in October, where artists draw one drawing a day baseed on a list of prompts. Being the curious and under-stimulated person I am, I decided to take part along with some friends. I quickly found that, not only was I able to easily come up with ideas for the prompts, I found the challenge very enjoyable. I loved to create. I loved the artistic medium. I enjoyed drawing so much that I ended up not drawing at all for a few months, for whatever reason.

Original images by me

Suddenly, it was 2020 and there was a whole pandemic. A lot can change in a few months, I guess. Before this, my friend had let me borrow a colourful set of alcohol-based markers that was collecting dust. I thought they could come in handy if I ever decide to draw again. I did, in fact, pick up drawing again once we were all stuck inside our own homes. I decided to draw some interesting characters, and had a lot of fun doing so. I drew on and off during the months to come, albeit with month-long breaks scattered between sessions. Below is the first time I used those markers that I borrowed indefinitely.

Original image by me

After all that, it was October 2021. I decided to participate in Inktober once again. This time, I decided to open an Instagram account where I would dump all of the drawings. I enjoyed sharing my art on the platform, and being on social media revitalized my interest in drawing in a new way. As my brand-new Instagram account steadily gained followers, I continued drawing and posting, which kept me interested.

Eventually, we have reached this point in time. On the social media side of things, I have continued the process of drawing and posting. During this time, I have managed to monetize my art to an extent. I am currently doing an internship for a company where I am creating a short comic series, which I would not have ever expected to have the opportunity to do. Relatively speaking, I have not been drawing for very long. I have not had as much time with art compared to my peers, which makes my journey up to this point quite short. However, I think there is a lot more to look forward to as I keep up the hard work.

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