I have a lot of sketchbooks. They populate my living space like a family of mice, multiplying at every opportunity. Do I need so many sketchbooks with empty pages, still waiting to be filled? No, I don’t. I don’t draw nearly as much as my sketchbook collection would suggest.

While It can certainly be a problem, I don’t think I have much of an issue with my sketchbook obsession. In fact, I would say my collection is pretty tame. I have seen people with double or triple the amount I have. I think that my sketchbooks are a good investment. They let me separate my drawings based on subject, style, or whatever label I assign to them. I can also keep using them for a long time. I’m sure they will be filled up with drawings eventually. As long as I’m not waltzing into bankruptcy with stacks of brand-new sketchbooks as my partners in crime, why not?

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