Burnout is a real struggle, no matter what hobby or activity it is that has got you feeling this type of way. For me, I often feel unmotivated to draw, despite enjoying the process. It is fun to draw, and I love to put my creativity to work, but it is not always easy to get into the mood. When this happens, the idea of sitting down and taking out my art supplies is a lot tougher than it should be. After all, shouldn’t it be easy to do something I like?

Personally, there are a few reasons why I get burnt out when it comes to drawing. I find that I will feel this way more likely if I spend a lot of time and effort all at once with drawing something. Short bursts of art is fine, but I get exhausted when I overexert my artistic capabilities. To combat this, I recognize that it is probably better for me to slow down with this hobby of mine.

I also get burnt out when I see that I am not making any progress, or when I notice that I am not improving my abilities as fast or noticeably as I want. This makes me feel like I am not getting much out of my hobby, as it feels like my creativity is stagnant. By recognizing that improvement is gradual, and by trying different styles and techniques that challenge me while keeping my art fresh and unique, I can mitigate this demotivation.

I encourage anyone who feels burnt out, art-related or not, to really think about why they lack that motivation, and to ponder how you can get back into the hobbies that you love.

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