Music is great. I love listening to music all the time on Spotify, so the platform’s yearly wrap up is a very interesting and anticipated event for me. For those who are unaware, the music streaming service Spotify shows listeners some fun listening stats at the end of the year. These stats show information, such as minutes listened and top artists.

For me, 2022 was a weird year in music. I ended up accidentally looping some songs over and over again, even while away from my devices. I was also strangely detached from listening to music this year, despite usually being on the constant lookout for new music. Life got in the way and other interests took priority. All of this culminated into the ugliest Spotify Wrapped ever. It is awful to me, even though it is based on me. I hate it. I will not show it. It is a botched operation. The surgeon was drunk. The patient did not survive.

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